Aviary Web Photo Editor

Aviary provides a web and mobile app based photo-editor which illustrates a base line of what features to expect in a decent photo editor for both platforms. Now with demise of Picnik , thePhotoFishes has already looked into web-based photo-editors but not photo-editors for mobile apps. So lets take a look at what Aviary has to offer:

I have just been looking at Corel’s desktop app, AfterShot Pro [a competitor to Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture]. I consider these tools the top end of basic photo editing: color corrections, image manipulations[resizing, cropping,¬†straightening, lens corrections, noise and image storage [file format, back-up, non-destructive edits, transfer to print, cloud, website or print]. And the remarkable thing is that Aviary gives up very little to the pro tools. In fact Aviary are ahead in areas like filters, frames, splash, enhance and other effects.

True Aviary gives away things like a straighten tool, clone or healing tools, and the range of smoothing and blurs. Also, the number of keyboard short cuts is greatly limited. But the speed and performance of the Aviary photo edits is refreshingly fast. In short, if you need to edit either mobile or online images – Aviary is fast and a functional place to go in a pinch.

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