Best Faux Debate on Apple TV

NYTimes David Pogue – camera, gadgeterati and electronics zoom commentator extraordinaire – has one of the most amusing takes on the wit and wiles of Apple TV versus the up-and-coming Roku TV [hunhhhh?]. But as you will see in this parody on the midterm erections … elections, David manages to convey the plus and minuses of Apple vs Roku with great clarity. Steve Jobs is going to get angry again … because an also ran is being let into the Media Game on his Innovative Magnificence’s Magical Watch. And think, David has not said a peep about Google TV yet. Enjoy!

David has been on a tear – also  see his comments on how to turn a new iPod Touch into an iPhone and this one about adding Credit Card Acceptance on the cheap to your smartphone and this one about the relative importance of lenses on digital camera …. You get my drift – David is always an interesting electronic read.

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