Color Corrections, Masking, Sharpening, Touch ups

I used to argue that the four most difficult tasks in photofinishing and photo editing were color corrections, masking, sharpening and touch ups. But the good folks from Adobe, Corel, Ulead and a host of plugin suppliers have been slowly but surely whittling away at these problems. Color Corrections have moved well beyond Hue/Saturation/Lightness and …

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Corel Painter X

Corel recently launched version 10 of its Painter program: Now what makes this program of interest to photofinishers are three things: 1)Corel is now specifically addressing the needs of photographers and photofinishers with a number of feature; 2)Corel has also speeded up the processing of Painter – this has been targetted specifically; 3)Painter continues to …

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Sign of the Bulls-eye

These ads are appearing all over graphic design and publishing sites: Think of them as bulls-eyes for Adobe’s major product lines: Expression Web targets Adobe Dreamweaver Expresion Design targets Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop Expression Blend targets Adobe Flash Expresion Media taargets Adobe Premiere Elements and Flash Video Like Madame Defarge of Dicken’s Tale of Two …

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