Creating a Classy Zoom Background

Creating a new Zoom Background Image

And in most cases this is a simple exercise using a photo editor like Photoscape or Affinity Pro or your  favorite desktop editor. . But the problem in this case I was at a clients office and did not havemy avorite  desktop photo editor on the laptop. But the client had excellent WiFi connections, so I could  use  two of my favorite  online web graphic designers to design and deliver the required Zoom Background.


Presently thee is a renaissance in online Grapic designers. Two of graphic designers are old favorites which have just gone through major upgrades in the past 6 months. Both Pixlr/e and Canva are freemium which have previously been reviewed here.

Pixlr/e original review and the new update

Filter command is very different between Flash Pixlr & Pixlr/e


Canva original discovery and recent review

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