Dirty Dog Photos

Dirty Dog Photos has a rough and tumble meaning Рsomething that you might see on the mean streets of Toronto [or City Hall]. But they actually turn up on Flickr, Facebook, Google Plus albums, and even on commercial websites. Dirty Dogs are photos that are in focus but off on exposure or tinting or horizon line. Some picture taking error or camera automatic  averaging gone awry.

The following Presentation discusses all aspects of Dirty Dog Images with emphasis on the post-picture-taking software processes that can often easily fix up the stricken images. This was to be a part of a Google Hangout on November 5th at 6PM EST but with the help of Murphy I could not get my laptop to work properly so the Hangout was a hangup. Now as a partial apology here is the full PowerPoint Presentation which formed the base to the lecture given that evening:

All the photo editing programs recommended are free. 2 are free online tools, Pixlr and Splashup while 2 are free PC programs – Artweaver and Photoscape. All of them have been reviewed here on thePhotofinishes before – just click on the links.

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