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Color and Design Return in a Big Way to thePhotoFinishes!

Color Theory Sites - new 6 Color Theory websites to test out
Color Wheel Tools - new 6 Color Wheel Tools to test
Choose Color from Images - new 7 Choose Color from Images Tools to test
Quirky Color Tools - new 5 Quirky Color Tools
Color Theory Sites - new 4 Color Tester Tools
ACDSee Photo Editor 2008 - new fast, inexpensive photo editor
Magix Photo Designer 7 - new comes with Xara Xtreme Pro 5, very nice fit
Photoshop CS4 Book - a book describing key utilities and darkroom features in CS4
Photoshop CS4 QuickTip - how to adjust for under-exposures darkroom in CS4
Photoshop CS4 QuickTip - all the cropping extras in CS4
20 Photoshop CS4 Tips - range of 20 tips on how to work with Photoshop more effectively
ColorWheel Pro - A fine tool to test and pick your colors with
Color Lovers - Site devoted to color with online Color Wheel + Patterns tools plus blog
Apple Triple Hitter - New and better from Apple this summer
Dodge+Burn - Use the subtle brushing of Photoshop's Dodge and Burn tools
Photo Frame plugin - OnOne Software's frame creating plugin
Animation Bible - Wonderful book for insights on artistic animation methods
Colormancer - updated A valuable new color correction filter
Photo Frame 3.1 - Create distinctive frames quickly for your images
Plugins 2008 - 3 nifty plugins start the summer plugin feast of reviews
Video Mess - 40 years and counting and video formats are still a proprietary mess
New SLR Cameras - I want to replace my old Canon XT - lots of great SLRs to choose
Canon XSi- this is the natural upgrade, but does it have the right stuff
Casio EX-F1- still and video image quality tests - the camera does very well
Pentax K200D- a chance to look at the great Pentax line-up
Nikon D300- this camera is getting all the raves from the camera shops
Sony A350 - a first look at the image quality of the new Sony Alpha 350
Fireworks CS3 - the artistry improves as it become Adobe's Web graphics tool
Xara Xtreme Pro 4- see the best bitmap+vector photo composition tool, a real gem
Xara Xtreme Pro 2 - our previous look at Xara Xtreme and photo composition

Search within thePhotoFinishes for an article

Photoshop is the standard for photo editing Photoshop World - what makes Photoshop CS premium quality
Photoshop When - when to buy Photoshop and when not to
Adobe Line - detailed overview of the Photoshop line up
Lightroom 1.3 - review of this professional workflow editor
Lightroom edits - 10 examples of the new Develop features
Photoshop Elements 6 Part I - the Organizer and special features
Photoshop Elements 6 II - the Photo Editor is loaded
Photoshop Elements 5 - the Photoshop Elements emerges from shadows of big brother
Photoshop CS2 - Photoshop confirms top end credentials
Photoshop Filter Gallery - nifty features of Photoshop's Filter Gallery
Photoshop Color *Flash Demo - part 1, how to do basic color corrections in Photoshop.
Photoshop Color Curves *Flash Demo - part 2, how to do Photoshop color corrections
Photoshop Illustration - 9 French artists show how
Photoshop Retouching - this is no ordinary retouching !
Photoshop eMail *Flash Demo - how to prepare a photo for emailing in Photoshop.
Photoshop Upsizing *Flash Demo - Upsizing properly is vital to photofinishing.
Adobe Color Corrections 1 - first in a series on color basics and corrections
Adobe Color Corrections 2 - looks at HSL and Curves for color corrections
Adobe Color Corrections 3 - problems and methods in Photoshop color corrections
Adobe Effects - applying effects with sharpening finish in Photoshop Elements
Adobe Full Edit - using Photoshop Elements for a fullcycle editing job
Adobe Photoshop CS - product review with some image edit controversy
Adobe Photoshop 7 - the premier graphics editor
Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 - best way to learn Photoshop
Cropping Exercise - CAST starts with Cropping and Photoshop Elements certainly helps
Adobe Links - the major 2D graphics software vendor
Macromedia - the force in animation, web graphics
Adobe InDesign CS One on One - book review on ever improving DTP program
Adobe Illustrator CS2 - new and shines as imaging tool
Fireworks MX2004 - vector & bitmap magic for the Web
Fireworks for Logos - using Fireworks for fancy Logos
Corel Overview -look at Corel's graphic products
Corel Links - major bitmap and vector graphic tools
Jasc Links - superior graphics editor plus other tools
Corel Draw X4 Suite- new best price performance in vector drawing and Graphics Suites!
Corel PhotoPaint- new finally some substantial improvements to a photo editing standard
Corel/Ulead Photo Impact - photo editor with delightful tools
Corel Designer Suite 12 -overview of this versatile suite
Corel Technical Designer -Technical draw with creative elan
Corel Draw Suite 12 - where goes Corel imaging under new owners?
PaintShop Pro XI - best price performance photo editor is better
Corel PaintShop Pro X -newFirst Look shows its a major update
Art Photos HowTo -use PaintShop Pro to finish art images
Painter IX.5 - major free upgrade for features and performance
Corel Painter IX - the best natural media paint program around
Corel Painter 8 - a rich set of brushes so fun to play with!
Painter How-to - reduce the learning curve for this powerhouse
How-to using Painter - Painter is made for photofinishing
Corel Painter Essentials -a bargain way to Paint your photos
Corel Essentials - a look at this well-armed and potent graphics editor
Corel buys Jasc Software - the match seems good but ...
Corel/Jasc PaintShop Pro 7 - a basic overview of PaintShop Pro 7
Corel/Jasc PaintShop Pro 8 - market's best digital darkroom value
Corel/Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 - new value leader in photofinishing
CAST Color Corrections 1 - Adjust colors part of CAST-Crop, Adjust colors, Sharpen, Touchup
CAST Color Corrections 2 - PaintShop Pro 7 used on some broad color image editing
CAST Color Corrections 3 - PaintShop Pro 8 shows the trial and error nature of color fixes
Corel ColorTouches -color tips for a touch of color in B+W images
Corel ColorTouches 2 -more a touch of color basics in images
Howto Preview - PaintShop Pro 8 has the best previews for filters/effects; here is how to use
PaintShop Pro Text - savvy text techniques
Images in Text 1 - use patterns to put images in text
Images in Text 2 - use selections to put images in text
Patterns and Tiles - some nifty, tricky PaintShop Pro
Color Fixes - how to do color adjustments in Painter 8
Orton Effect - produce dreamy, diffuse image editing
Overlay Effect - layering method for precise contrast control
Overlay Effect 2 - variation on Overlay for contrast reduction
Filtering Fun - Filtering fun using Corel Essentials
PaintShop Pro Browse *Flash Demo - how to use effectively the PaintShop Pro built-in image browser.
Like Plugins, specialized 2D graphics thrives
Photoshop Express-Photoshop online in beta has some big hits but also misses
5 Online Web Photo Editors - the rivals to Photoshop Express are very good indeed
Apple Aperture 2-Apple and Adobe slug it out for photo workflow pre-eminence
Online Photofinishing at Picnik.com - detailed look at a very good online photofinishing tool
Overview of Picnik.com - overview of a good online Photo editor
Corel/Ulead Photo Impact - photo editor with delightful tools
GIMP - how does it measure up against Photoshop's best
ArtRage - new Paint app that is easy to use with great brushes, paper and resources
SmoothDraw - newwhat Microsoft Paint should have become => adept at Painting
Acrylic Beta - updated Microsoft finally gets imaging right
ACDSee/Deneba Canvas 8 - versatile bitmap plus vector editors
Photo Album -look at Corel's versatile photo manager
Photo Album 2 -some of the great extra features
Free Catalogs for Photos - absolutely free photo albums/catalogs
Bargain Photo Catalogs - organize your images with this SW
PhotoArtist - fast, versatile and cost-effective image styler
Photodex ProShow Gold - is best in field of photo slideshows
Photo Story 3 - New free slideshow tool from Microsoft
Lots happening in the World of Xara
Xara3d - should it be called Xara Text in 3D ?
Xara Linux - update on Xara Xtreme in Linux
Xara goes Open - Linux Xara Xtreme is GPL Open Sourced
Xara Xtreme Review - detailed look at what makes Xtreme
Xara Xtreme - our quick 1st snapshot of the program
XaraX - predecessor to Xara Xtreme already delivers the speed
TechSmith Snagit - pro screen capture, best in field
3D Links - 3D tool vendors and resource sites
3D Overview - Overview of 3D Software?
Plugins are one of the most exciting areas of PhotoFinishing
Plugin Links - "all the effects fit to print"
Artful Dodgers - review of 6 plugins to add painterly style
ArtMaster Pro - stylize and finish your images with elan
Buzz.Pro - plugin version of ArtMaster provides more control
AutoFX Delight Bundle - bundle but is this a bargain ?
Flaming Pear Plugins - some favorite plugins are to be found here, very good value
Knockout 2 from Corel - how to do tough knockouts quickly
Flaming Pears - a look at 5 very good Flaming Pear plugins
Flaming Pear's Super Blade Pro - a plugin institution
Flaming Pear's Organic Edges - how to emphasize edges
Flaming Pear's Mr.Contrast - Contrast with Mix and Glow!
Flaming Pear's Boss Emboss - not your ordinary embosser
Flaming Pear's Lacquer - distinctive look and styling
Flaming Pear Plugins - some favorite plugins are to be found here
Nik Color Filters - the Nik filter layout
Nik Color Efex 1 - Nik Photo color basics and effects
Nik Color Efex 2 - more color image edits and effects
Xaos Tools Paint Alchemy 1 - a look at super paint plugin
Xaos Tools Paint Alchemy 2 - how to mask & use PA effect
Howto Upsize/Downsize - the tricks of upsizing and downsizing bitmap files
Topaz Vivacity - brings smoothing style to sharpening
Virtual Painter 5 - highlights one of the best Artful Dodgers
Halloween Images Plugged-in - sample use of above plugins
- Halloween Pumpkin Images - see plugin results on over 60 images
Animation is dominated by Flash Player and smaller set of players
Animation - all the animation tools plus resources
Animation Tools - a look at simple but effective animation tools
Animation Tools II - designer oriented animation tools
Animation Review - animation is bursting on graphics scene with lots of Canadian players
Animation Scripting - look at state of the art in animation
Flash as Smart Graphics - Flash has gone beyond animation and into Smart Graphics
Smart Graphics - how Smart Graphics is effecting animations
ActionScript 3 Bible - just whats needed for the scattered Flash docs
Learning ActionScript 3 - this is really a Designer's Guide to ActionScript 3 and Flash

Digital Imaging Trends - 2008 Trends in Digital Imaging - Profound changes will occur in digital photography
12 Reasons to go Digital - updated need I say more ?
5 Strikes Against Digital - updated Et tu, Brute ?
Trends Overview - Why look at Imaging/Photography Trends?
Complete Digital Photography - the book that started this series
Trends in Chips - new image sensors and CPU chips mean better cameras
Trends in Display - new some real surprises upcoming here
Trends on Storage - latest breakthroughs on in-camera image storage
Trends on Batteries - camera power sources, and their fast moving trends
Trend Cameras - Are these still or video cameras ?
Trends SLRs - a flood predicated on advances from our trends
Casio EX-F1 - a new, extreme approach to image-taking
Video will be default storage format for most cameras in 5 years
Video Rising -why video technology is on the ascendancy
Video Editors -3 popular video editors get a look see
Video Slideshows - use a video editor to produce a slide show?
Adobe Premiere Elements - adept at video editing, slideshows
Adobe Premiere Elements for video demos - digital video help
Adobe Video Collection - Adobe leads video price performance
Camtasia Studio 4 - training tool has broader video features
Camtasia Studio for photo slideshows -for slideshows,video editing
Camtasia Studio for demo videos -best in field
Ulead VideoStudio 8 for photo slideshows - very good
Ulead VideoStudio 8 for video editing - very useful tool

Flood of new SLRs - the race is on for SLR camera leadership
What Does PMA2008 Have to Show - Photo Marketing Shows trend in digital cameras
12 Reasons to go Digital - updated need I say more ?
5 Strikes Against Digital - updated Et tu, Brute ?
Digital Photo Frames - new the hardware, its costs are changing fast
3 Digital SLRs - some fine new digital SLRs are reaching market
1 Sony Alpha100 - is this the best of the new SLRs ?
Apple iPod Photo - Apple out-innovates its PDA rivals again
Photo Links - links to photography sites
Graphics - emphasize the design and art of images
Color Wheels - CoL oR s COL ORS COLOR tools and resources
Color Wheels II - Three more approaches to color choice
Color in High Key - color tip for working in High key using two graphics editors
HowTos and Qwik Tips using a variety of Photo Editing tools
HowTo Add Notes to an Image - new using Adobe Photoshop Elements
How to Add Notes - new using Corel PaintShop Pro
Here are the HowTos based on Olympic images
How-to using Painter -Painter is made for photofinishing
How-to on Stripping -layer stripping is anther collage method
How-to on Collages - combining 3 picture into one
How-to on Cutout - using Corel PaintShop Pro's powerful Cutout
How-to on Gradients - again using PaintShop Pro and Gradients
How-to on Mask - using a mask to enhance a photo finishing
How-to on Montages - Xara Xtreme proves very adept at montages
How-to on Montages II - Xara helps create 3 more closing cards
How-to Paint - using Photoshop and Virtual Painter
How-to add a Touch of Color - color tips for smart photo colorations
Black+White and Qwik Tips
B+W Conversion - Corel PaintShop Pro to convert color images to B+W
B+W Conversion - Adobe Photoshop to convert color to B+W
B+W Symmetry - how to use symmetry to accent B+W form
Qwik Touch of Color - leaving in a touch of color in B+W images
Qwik Color Blends - how to color tips on color blends
Qwik Add Drama - photo editing for drama to your images
Qwik Add Drama 2 - how to with PaintShop Pro and Photoshop
QwikTip-Drop Shadows - photo editing using drop shadows
Qwik Background Fix - 6 ways to get rid of background intruders
Colorcast Corrections - 5 colorcast fixes - color basics
Foreground Fixes - simple foregroud exposure fixes
Masking Problems - Photoshop has feather/masking problems
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