Justified Gallery

Justified Gallery plugin does this for a set of WordPress  Media Gallery images:
Or this:
with the following for a lightbox close-up image:

Yes, this is the justified gallery layout one can deliver using such other WordPress gallery plugins as Foo Gallery or Justified Image Gallery … or Nextgen Gallery but not with the same economy of effort. Just 1)select the images in Media Libary, 2)Create Gallery and the justified gallery baking is done. 

Now if you add captions the Justified Gallery plugin knows how to display them. Yes, it would be nice to be able to specify the desired columns per row target – but that has to be a target given a justified gallery layout.  So imagine this… for nearly 10 years this WordPress user has been seeking such simplicity of operations for creating gorgeous gallery layouts. Thank you, Damian Gora for a neat and easy to use gallery plugin.

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