Slider Revolution 6.21 Slides Off The Rails

It is always had to adjust when a favorite graphic tool or  plugin runs off the rails. Themepunch Slider Revolution 6.x has done that as it 6 update continues to so poorly. Here is a screenshot of Slier Revolution run awry:
Now this is an a longtime favorite WordPress Slider plugin that simply is not working. In this case, the attempt is to create a simple slider 3 images, 900 x 600 pixels. But SR-Slider Revolution has added two blank slides. And in the editor I cannot find  a way to delete the blanks slides. In addition, with the new User Interface I have to search through a completely new layout  to set basic options like transition settings, autoplay settings, sizing and coverage. Worse, when I find the settings and customize them they do not work as expected.

Slider Revolution 6 Disappointment

Now let us put this in perspective. SR-Slider Revolution has had over half a million users. SR along with Royal Slider have been the pioneers and leaders in many WordPress slider innovations including showcase slides, reusable slide templates, full width and full page slides with multiple layers of titles, on slide sub-icons/video/images, and advanced animations of all these elements. All of the leading WordPress slider plugins have added many of these features – see here and then here.

But given that I was getting hopelessly lost I started to check the web for feedback on the new SR-Slider Revolution upgrade. And many of the above review  list of WordPress Slider Plugins proved outdated or timorous in describing the current status of Slider Revolution. Here is the summary of December 9th 2019 review at  WPLeaders:

Fortunately, I was able to find a review that was a litle more forthcoming at The title of the review tells a more complete story -> Slider Revolution Review – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. however, it is really the comments to the review that tell the story closer to the 5-6 hours of frustration that this reviewer experienced:
The underlying problem is Slider Revolution’s new and very complex user interface, an awkward help system and a flood of unexpected results. A rival slider, SmartSlider 3, has been promising a new UI for its leading slider since mid November 2019 and just released a beta of its new UI. Expect a review at shortly.


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