Summer Colors

Well ye Editor finally shucked off the Winter with a  cold shudder and made the change to a Summer New Look for Bah humbug!
The new design for the header resulted in two images:
A racy design  for the very hot days of summer upcoming- and our politicians have guaranteed HOT HOT HOT for July and August

And a more subtle, Spring-like gamut highlights the grasses natural colors  found at Edwards Gardens in Toronto.

So of course the background slider images are from the very same Edwards Gardens botanical spectacular this Spring/Early summer:
[cycloneslider id=”summer2016″]

Now all the background images are 1800 x 1200 pixels so we had to run them through the Riot act [superior image compression for free]. Here is the before and after 60% file size reduction:
asp2-tileOops, is this the after and then  before sequence?? Oh and all this front end magic is powered by free WP Supersized plugin and free Magazine Basic Theme.

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