Video Rising

A number of readers have commented on the Video Rising review and say that ” video is not rising and the your prediction that Video cameras will replace 50% of Digital SLRs is really far fetched. If anything, functionality is converging as video cameras take still images, so too do still cameras take ever more sophisticated movies”.

Point well taken – convergence of features and functionality is happening and lets see who is influencing whom:
1 – in camera image stabilization – SLRs borrowing from video
2 – very lowlight operation – SLRs starting to approximate video capabilities
3 – broad range of zoom operation – SLRs catching up to video
4 – interchangeable lenses and extenders – video borrowing from SLRs
5 – image filters for lens – video borrowing from SLRs
6 – audio pickup enhancements – few SLRs picking up from new video innovations in this arena
7 – size and fidelity of image sensors – video is following SLRs
8 – size and capacity of online storage – SLR is not yet making move to hardrives like videos
9 – ease of use and operation – very mixed, both seem to swing wildy
10-size and weight of cameras – SLR seem to have advantage until you consider the deadweight of pentaprism

So now the question is this enough of a technical lead for video to get people to switch from digital handheld and SLR cameras to video cameras and camcorders. It is not obvious. but I have one of those gut feelings that 2-5Mpixels is optimal for most peoples use of images – and video will be able to deliver that much more efficiently than still and SLR cameras. But let me assure you I have been wrong big time in the past. So this is speculation.

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